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‘Access Unlimited’ is an eight-part series about accessible cities across Canada that will be airing at Accessible Media Inc. (AMI).

In this spirited documentary series, ‘Access Unlimited’ visits a different Canadian City (Halifax, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Niagara Falls, and Calgary) every episode to find out what it’s really like to get around town and access the city as a citizen with physical disabilities. Created for Canada’s premier broadcaster for those with disabilities (AMI), AU is an exploratory documentary series more about the journey than the destination – revealing a city’s greatest brags while also noticing room for improvement in an effort to make our country truly accessible for all.

The series illuminates the compelling stories of wheelchair users as well as people with low/no vision in the challenges while getting around their city. Each episode features experts discussing the accessible design of each of these cities.

Genre: Factual Entertainment
Original Broadcaster: AMI
Producer: Summerhill Media Inc.
Duration: 8 x 30′ HD

Summerhill Media Inc 2018. All rights reserved

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